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Candle Fundraisers are a great way to raise money. You offer a terrific selection of candles in all the most popular scents. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to hold your candle sale.

So Why Are Soy Candles So Popular:

Traditional candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax, which is said to give off toxins similar to diesel and petrol.

Paraffin candles produce soot and carcinogens when burnt and many of those toxins are carried in the soot.

Soy Candles...

  • Give off very little Soot when burnt and are non-toxic.
  • They are less likely to cause allergies.
  • They are made from soybeans, which are bio-degradable.
  • They burn at a lower temperature and slower, which helps with evenly distributing their added fragrances.
  • this also helps them burn up to 50-60% longer than traditional candles, making them better value.

 Contact me for bulk pricing and details. 

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