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About Soy Naturals

Our mission today is the same as it was when I started back in 1999, to source the best Essential Oils in the market at the lowest possible prices, encourage a healthy lifestyle by using natural plant and flower aromas. We carefully source all of our pure essential oils, and custom blend our synergies by hand in small batches to preserve authenticity, integrity and freshness of each Aroma.

My Essential Oils are 100% pure botanical extracts without any added alcohol, carrier oils or other natural or synthetic dilutants or extenders.

Our oils are obtained exclusively through steam-distillation or cold press, each oil is tested and certified by lot numbers. Our suppliers have been importing and distributing essential oils since the early 1960’s, and our customers recognize this consistent and dependable quality.

NO need to over pay for essential oil from the leading MLM when you can purchase the same quality oils from Soy Naturals. IF you are ever not pleased with the quality of one of my oils please contact me. 

For our Soy Candles I use 100% pure plant aromas, cotton wicks or paper core wicks and 100% natural cosmetic grade soy wax. Soy bean was is good for the environment and good for you.

Now it's time for you to stop reading and try one of my products, you will keep coming back for more I promise you that!! 

Marlen - Founder

Please email me your thoughts and comments, I love to hear from my customers :) soy@soynaturals.com